Our Mission

Trigger’s goal is to create a healthy outcome by ensuring that the patients stick to their medication in the most simple way and avoid any additional healthcare expenses and hazards.

What is Trigger?

Trigger is a project to improve patient compliance and health outcome in the most simple way. It is probably the most uncomplicated and effective medication reminder program.Our aim is to stir up your routine and get you (and your loved ones) back to your healthy self, simply by easing up the medication management.

Why Trigger?

People simply forget, skip or stop taking their medications…which leads to non-adherence. Trigger helps people to integrate healthy behavior by using technology in a very simple way.
Trigger does not store any of your data in any server because WE RESPECT YOUR PRIVACY.

75% of patients are non adherent to their medications in one or more ways.

Non- compliance causes approximately 200,000 deaths annually

It costs the healthcare system upwards of $150 billion annually due to additional healthcare expenses.

  • “Thank you for an absolutely fantastic app, its so incredibly logical and user friendly. I’m so happy there is something out there that actually works, even when compared to bloated commercial stuff."

    - Richard

  • “I would like to say that Trigger is a great software program. However, as good as it is, what really impresses me more is the support furnished by your developers and support people. I highly recommend Trigger as well as the support people who work so tirelessly to ensure that users of their products have a good experience.”

    - Clinic Zuri


  • “I use Trigger. There is nothing out there that is better”


  • “This whole product is amazingly GREAT news! Reminding me of my medicine time, My dad’s medicine time! NOT a problem anymore. The interface is so much easier than the other guys.. Hard to constructively criticize at this point! ”

    - Blyds

  • “I'm writing to leave a simple thank-you for the developers. I either always misplaced my prescriptions or forgot to take my pills on time. Sometimes, I was too lazy to go about the whole thing. I’m glad I finally came across Trigger, it fit my needs perfectly! ”

    - Hannah

  • “My entire family uses Trigger…it is creating a somewhat 'chain reaction' 4 ur popularity!! Plz keep up the good work 4 such praiseworthy freeware. ”

    - Paul

  • “We first chose Trigger software for its unique features. The prescriptions containing QR codes that we generated made us stand out of the other pharmacies in town. We then found out that it was also so easy to use, and powerful, and now we've ensure that every patients from our pharmacy walks away with a trigger card”

    - Med Pharmacy

  • “As pharmacies, we know how important up-time is. By using your product to monitor our clients' medications, we help them to keep up their compliance. We are able to respond immediately to their problems whenever they contact us, often notifying them of their refill dates which they are not even aware of! How great is that?”

    - Care Pharmacy

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